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IAAP Division of Excellence 2012-2013

The Ohio Division is proud to be a
6-time Division of Excellence award winner!

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IAAP | Ohio Division

IAAP Division of Excellence 2012-2013The Ohio Division is one of five divisions in the Great Lakes District, and contains 21 chapters within the state. The Division and its local chapters host a variety of seminars, conferences, and workshops featuring top speakers throughout the year.

Contact Linda Mettle, CAP-OM, 2014-2015 Ohio Division President, for more information about the Ohio Division of IAAP.

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From the IAAP International President

  • Antoinette Smith

    January President's Message

    I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year! 2014 flew by quickly, especially with all of the exciting changes announced at IAAP. 2015 will be a year for implementing and experiencing these fantastic...

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Upcoming Events

  1. Ohio Division Webinar - "Cloud Storage & Services"

    Jan 29, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (ET)
    United States
  2. Technology Education Conference 2015 - Clearwater Beach

    Feb 6 - 8
    Clearwater Beach, FL, United States
  3. Spring CAP & OM Exams

    Mar 2 - 7
  4. Technology Education Conference 2015 - Austin

    Mar 6 - 8
    Austin, TX, United States
  5. North East Ohio Local Area Network (NEOLAN) Meeting

    Mar 21, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET)
    Medina, OH, United States
  6. Technology Education Conference 2015 - Kansas City

    Mar 27 - 29
    Kansas City, MO, United States
  7. Technology Education Conference - La Jolla/San Diego

    Apr 24 - 26
    La Jolla, CA, United States

IAAP | The Organization


  • Provide professional development and education to gain the skills our members need to succeed
  • Lead our members to connect with peers
  • Share insights and best practices our members utilize to lead and teach their colleagues
  • Educate our members to distinguish themselves within their companies and the industry
  • Urge our members to become certified as experts in the administrative profession

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IAAP | The Members


  • Connect with our peers
  • Are equipped with the right skills
  • Lead and teach our colleagues
  • Are distinguished within our company and the industry
  • Serve as certified experts in the administrative profession

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IAAP | Core Purpose

To ensure individuals working in office and administrative professions have the opportunity to connect, learn, lead and excel.

IAAP | Core Values

  • Integrity: Demonstrated by honesty, accountability and ethical behavior consistent with an abiding respect for the dignity and value of individuals.

  • Transparency: Demonstrated through listening, understanding and responding to member and stakeholder feedback.

  • Excellence: Demonstrated by quality resources that support growth and development of the individual and the profession.

  • Collaboration: Demonstrated by an inclusive culture that appreciates the value of diverse perspectives, the power of common vision, and equality among peers.